One of the most underrated set of exercises for my successful clients is their Mind(set)…bad joke! Some of the most important shifts is how you talk to your body and what you communicate to it in the mirror. You will never be able to lie to yourself, but make sure you notice your accomplishments. Here are some new mind shifts that you should consider as your body changes:

  1. Celebrate a brand new you and not the way the old you would. You’ve changed and your ways must follow suit. Living for the next cheat day is not a healthy mindset. Instead, cheat with a vacation day from work to go to the movies. I tell people all the time, “Nobody is going to love you like you!” Make sure you treat yourself to a stress free day and maybe get a much needed workout wardrobe.
  2. Eliminate the word “Can’t” from your vocabulary. By now you have already beat considerable odds and I’m sure you have accomplished many thing you never thought you could. In sports, new coaches would mention that they’re there to win it all. This is not something to laugh at, but to admire. What if your goal was to just win the conference?!? Are you not prepared to win the next round because all you wanted was the conference? You have to prepare for the next level and follow the plan.
  3. The scale shouldn’t determine how you feel about yourself. Checking the scale daily can send you into a tail spin of stress. Losing fat and losing weight are two totally different methods that will show conflicting numbers on the scale. Losing fat may show you are gaining weight on the scale. Losing weight is more visual by what you see of course. Notice the change in how you feel without the scale and let the extra room in your jeans speak to you.

So here we are at the last day of the “Success Guide” and I wish that at least one thing sparked a fire for you. I would love to hear about your journeys and how I can help you achieve more. Please drop an email, call, post, or text me and questions you may have on exercise. Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness was formed with your success in mind and that’s what keep me going. I wish everyone out there that laid eyes on these posts and wish you mush success!!


Richard Buford, CSCS
Executive Program Director

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