Nothing like the independence of going to the gym and getting your workout in. Like many of us, we then go home to look in the mirror. Your gain can be seen with every turn you make and now you discover a little piece of flab you can't get rid of. Personal training is too expensive and the group training classes just aren't intense enough. At this point, you fall into a rut and loose motivation. To make matters worse, your problem area is starting to spread like wild fire. It's now time to panic with nowhere to turn, but all you really need is a workout partner to get things started.

A good workout partner can provide the following:

  1. Sharing of your success and failures. Having someone excited for you as you reach a new milestone can be instant gratification. Your motivation to move to the next milestone will make it that much enjoyable.
  2. Measuring Stick. To see fist hand that someone else was able to complete a set or workout, will bring out your inner-competitor. This alone will have you completing sets that you would've been too tired to complete.
  3. Shaking up the regular routine. By letting a little control go, that problem area may be finally solved. Your go to exercises may have been skipped over that one spot by one of the simplest modifications your partner encouraged you to do.

Tips for finding the right workout partner includes:

  1. Schedule compatibility. Your schedules should be similar so that you are able to include gym time during your busy daily schedule.
  2. Exercise selection. Bodybuilders and general fitness are obvious polar opposites. Be sure to get a feel of how intense your potential partner conducts their workouts. Watching in amazement can be counterproductive.
  3. Personality. Some people are looking for just a workout partner. Others are looking for a friend long after the gym doors have closed. Be sure to get a feel for what you can tolerate, before you are asked to babysit the kids!!

It is perfectly fine not to have a workout partner, but if the opening paragraph describes your situation, please consider finding a partner. As the owner of a personal training business, I pay attention to the compatibility of the client and I. You should protect your choice for finding a work out buddy just the same. Count on Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness to take you to new heights.

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