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Sports & Fitness Training and College Athlete Preparation in Charlotte, North Carolina As a prep athlete myself, I was one of the best in my position. I attended University of Michigan Football camp, catching passes from Tom Brady, and won an award for the second best at the camp of national competitors. I say this to open your eyes to the fact I had to red-shirt my freshman year to actually learn how to play high level organized football. This was at the Division II level!

The lessons I learned were invaluable and the reason I started Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness. Our mission is to ready our athletes mentally and physically using our experience. No matter what level of college sports you want ultimately play, you must be ready to perform.

You will be taught all the fundamentals to essentially create the highest ceiling possible. From a great foundation comes a great athlete, reducing the likelihood of injury. This program is your shot to get it right.

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Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness is for athletes 10+ and active adults looking to make history when the opportunity presents itself. It takes preparation, commitment, and mental toughness. This is what the Adrenaline Rush Sports& Fitness Experience is about.

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