Sports & Fitness Training Teams in Charlotte, North Carolina

If your team has a facility and/or personnel available, Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness can help fill the gap. Full season programming will push your athletes ahead of the competition. With just one call, you can customize your plan with any or all Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness performance factors such as:

Injury Prevention
Mental Toughness
Technique Instruction

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Fitness Facilities

Sports & Fitness Training and Fitness in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you need a guest trainer Adrenaline Rush Sports& Fitness has you covered. We have successfully implemented fitness programing from apartment facilities to athletic complexes. You’ll have a custom program for all aspects of your facility.

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Strength & Conditioning

Sports & Fitness Training and Strength & Conditioning in Charlotte, North Carolina


Don’t have the time to bring the team to the facility? Let us come to you. Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness can create workout plans, conduct clinics, and bring high quality Speed & Agility programs to your facility.


If your program needs a little help from our staff at Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness, don’t wait until it’s too late! Give us a call and let us know how to assist you with your athletic program. No problem is too small and no program is too big. We are able to provide technique training, yearly workout and conditioning plans tailored to your facility and equipment.

Call for Richard Buford for pricing. (313) 332-8311

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About Us

Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness is for athletes 10+ and active adults looking to make history when the opportunity presents itself. It takes preparation, commitment, and mental toughness. This is what the Adrenaline Rush Sports& Fitness Experience is about.

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